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Narooma Yoga South Coast - Maree Grayson
I love doing yoga on the beach!

Do you want a healthy, supple body? Try Narooma yoga classes!

Narooma yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles, increasing flexibility and improving circulation. South Coast yoga Narooma uses the breath to balance the nervous system, enhancing sleep and mental focus.

It releases tension from body and mind, helping you to relax and unwind. The gentle movements and breathing help you experience deep stillness. Regular yoga practice permeates your life, increasing energy and wellbeing.

Yoga builds strength and improves balance. It’s a wonderful practice at any age. But as we get older our muscles dehydrate, shorten and stiffen. Yoga helps us stay fit and mobile, so that we can feel healthy and alive.

‘Dru yoga should be available in every GP surgery,’ Dr Hilary Jones, Practising GP and Medical Broadcaster UK

South Coast Yoga Narooma - yoga on beach
Your Narooma yoga class is your time out. It’s a special time, just for you. I help you relax, free of distractions so that you can leave refreshed. Yoga is particularly effective if you practise regularly.

I teach a gentle form of yoga called Dru. My classes improve balance and flexibility. I cater for beginners or experienced students. I also offer classes for people with back or joint issues and conditions like arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Classes are small, and I modify poses and stretches for students as needed.

I have a strong background in anatomy and physiology. If you have difficulty with specific yoga poses or movements, I can apply massage techniques to ease you into position. I can also help with yoga posture and technique. For this, please book a private session.

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax on holiday in and around Narooma. You might join an existing South Coast yoga Narooma class, or enjoy a private session or two. How about organising a girls’ night or weekend away and doing some yoga in Narooma! I’m happy to run extra classes for groups of friends! I can offer you massage too!

If you think Narooma yoga might help you, why not phone me on 0407 233 484 for a chat? We can discuss your needs and work out which class suits you.

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