After my first Shiatsu/Reiki/Intuitive session with Maree I knew I needed to make a commitment to 6 sessions. I had an injury to my arm and hand, but discovered beyond the physical restructuring that occurred, I also received profound compassionate care and angelic/spiritual guidance. Emotional blocks were released in a completely safe and non-judgemental space and in combination with her finely-crafted bush flower essences… Also my career as an artist blossomed in unexpected ways.
All of it much more than I could have ever hoped for.
Avalyn, Artist

Yoga with Maree is something I look forward to each week.  Maree has experience and knowledge across several modalities and brings this holistic expertise to the classes.  She generously gives individual attention and her encouraging and gentle nature makes everyone feel comfortable and able to do the best they can.  I cannot speak highly enough of these wonderful yoga classes.  Over the months I have been going I can see improvements in my flexibility and general well being. Thank you Maree.
Best wishes

I have attended Dru Yoga classes with Maree for the best part of this year and the transformation in my posture has been amazing.
Maree provides individual attention to each member of the class and I treat my Yoga class as a gift to myself each week
Thank you Maree

Cheryl O’Kane

The best yoga style I have tried yet! Once you are in Maree’s class you become comfortable and at ease. All the asanas brought me gentle warmth and a deep stretch from my toes all the way up my spine to my head. Stress and tension just drips away. Techniques which I thought difficult initially in time have improved and allowed more confidence in myself. Dru yoga definitely has links to Tai Chi as well. This is very addictive too.

Maree is a very skilled and multi-talented practitioner. Of greater importance to me is the way that when I am with her, Maree makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world.
Merinda Antill